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Yes, you can. Though Inter/Con and Progressive Connections are close siblings, we are seperate entities and not reliant on one another.  

Yes, we can! Just send us a proposal and start the conversation.

That depends on the type of publication. Our Inter/Actions eJournal is Open Access, but because of the costs associated with book publishing we do need to charge a small fee. 

No, we won't. Like any other publisher, we expect our collaborators to work hard to bring their publications to the attention of as many people as possible. If you publish with us, we expect you to share it. 

Just go to our "Project submission guidelines" page for all the information you need!

Yes, we do! When you publish with Inter/Connexions, you don't have to worry about the technical aspects of the publishing process. 

Yes. Though we will have it looked at by a professional editor, please make sure you send us your work in the best possible shape by doing at least two revisions yourself. 

No, you don't!

Just go to our submission guidelines page for more information.

Yes, they are. We have dedicated peer review groups who will advice us in two stages of the publishing process.

If you are looking for information on the policies when it comes to work we publish, visit our "Publish with us" page for information on what we consider "original work". 


If you are looking for information on getting permission from us to use work we've previously published, go to our "Permissions" page. 

Yes, we do. At Inter/Connexions, we believe that knowledge comes in many shapes and forms and our publications reflect that belief. That is why we publish works (by academic and non-academic authors) that we consider valuable contributions to radically interdisciplinary conversations, no matter the background of the author. 

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