Narratives, Persons, Communities

Individual, group and even national identities are built on layers of intertwining personal or shared narratives. History, truth, values and beliefs are heavily based on the stories we have been told, the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we choose to share with others. Our self-image relies on our “story” and we feel connected to our community and our kin by the memory of a shared past and a common vision for a shared future. Altering a fundamental narrative may lead to reshaping lives (for the better or the worse) for generations to come. This project shall explore various kinds of narratives in an attempt to find their larger meaning and implications and to determine ways to turn stories that hurt into stories that heal.

Key Themes Being Explored

  • (In)Convenient Histories

  • Ageing and Happiness

  • Bad Taste

  • Dark Tourism

  • Fans and Fandom

  • Humour

  • Nostalgia

  • Street Art

  • Testimony

  • The Family

  • The Meaning of Life

  • The Stories Bodies Tell

Upcoming Events

Borders and Walls
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

n a contemporary moment where human mobility is shaped by a global pandemic, the ongoing effects of climate change, and growing economic instability, the role and utility of borders are in need

Storytelling: Trauma, Resistance, and Remembering
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

Storytelling is inextricably linked to the history of human beings in a bewildering variety of oral and visual formats. Storytelling is a fundamental tool in communicating and recording personal, familial, communal, and

Fashion and Evil
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

The devil not only has all the best music; she also wears Prada. Evil is stylish, elegant, polished, sleak. It is smart, chic, ritzy and always in vogue. Best of all, evil

Spaces and Places
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

Every day we move through space that has been constructed or delineated somehow to be significant. We recognise and—consciously or unconsciously—react to this significance on a daily or hourly basis, and we

Testimony: Memory, Trauma, Truth, Engagement
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

The increased visibility of police brutality, forced disappearances, discoveries of unmarked and mass graves, and gendered killings, among other manifestations of systematic violence compels us to grapple with stories of loss, grief,

Fashion and Photography
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

In the early 20th century, fashion and photography were indelibly wedded through the efforts of a number of photographers, fashion designers, and magazine publishers. Once these cultural power shapers created the form, fashion

Textures of Emotions: Storytelling and Textiles
Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

Textiles surround us in our everyday lives. From the clothes we wear to cover our bodies and communicate who we are​ (or who we would like to be), to household linens and

Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

Travel, the daily movements of people (and animals), our mobility and ability to traverse spaces and places has been disrupted this last year and a half, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many

Athens 2022 / July 10,2022

Although COVID-19 has disrupted all forms of human mobility, including the closing of borders, and the halting of travel worldwide, according to the UN International Migration 2020 Highlights, growth in the number of

Dark Streets: Art and Tourism on the Edge
Prague 2022 / May 07, 2022

Street art Graffiti Independent art Guerilla art By any name, the unofficial movement that creates public art on structures of all kinds in cities around the world, is growing. The common denominators

Bad Taste
Prague 2022 / May 07, 2022

People may have their own unique perspectives on what aspects of culture are good and what aspects are, to put it delicately: crap. There are plenty of culturally agreed-upon qualities that can

Spirituality &….Culture
Prague 2022 / May 07, 2022

Spirituality and culture are closely linked. How we behave towards others, what and when we eat and drink, how we interact with the world – and transcend it – are all affected

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